From concept to completion

What Services We Offer For You

FINACOMP offers software consultancy at the highest level. Our services help our national and international clients to achieve their goals. Our highly-skilled consultants contribute to our clients’ success in their various projects. Our core competencies are:

Project Management
With our many years of experience, we excel in assisting our clients with the successful implementation of their projects and achievement of their goals.
Process Management

We work with our clients to identify their business processes, assess how these processes are executed and ensure continual improvement.

Quality Assurance

Our certified consultants work closely with our customers to identify their business processes, assess their quality and define quality goals.

ERP System

We advise our clients on the implementation of projects in ERP systems in various roles.

CRM System

We help our clients to deploy CRM systems so that they can effectively and efficiently manage their business relationships with their customers.

Data protection

We provide our clients expert assistance in setting up and implementing their own anonymization strategies.

Agile / Scrum

Our certified Scrum staff offer our clients support as scrum coaches, product owners, scrum masters and members of the implementation team.


Our wide-ranging experience enables us to help our clients to establish a control system and ensure compliance with SOX regulations.


Our consultants will gladly assist you in the professional development of database systems.