Meeting our present needs without exploiting the future

Our contribution to the environment

We believe that environmentally friendly practices not only help reduce the company’s environmental impact, but also improve overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we implement the following environmentally friendly practices at FINACOMP,

  • Reduce energy consumption by introducing energy-efficient systems and practices in the office and data centers.
  • Promote telecommuting and remote work to reduce the environmental footprint of commuting.
  • Implement paperless systems, such as digital document storage and electronic communications, to reduce paper consumption.
  • Use green procurement policies to ensure that all products and services purchased by the company are environmentally friendly.
  • Use cloud-based systems and services to reduce the need for physical servers and data centers.
  • Implement recycling and waste reduction programs in the office.
  • Educate employees about environmental issues and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices in their personal lives as well.
  • Support and invest in environmentally focused initiatives and companies.